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Images & Video

Image gallery

You are most welcome to add your property pictures on your listing.
It is not possible to create a listing without pictures.

Here are the requirements :

  • Minimum number of pictures¬† : 3
  • Maximum number of pictures : depends of your package
  • Minimum size : 1440 x 900
  • Recommended size : 1920 x 1200

Important remark about the ratio :

It is important to keep a consistency between all pictures uploaded on Grandioso.
Therefore, we kindly ask you to respect the ratio of 1920 x 1200 = 1,6 x 1

This means that the size must be adjusted accordingly.

By example :

  • if your width is 1500, height should be 938
  • if width is 1750, height should be 1094
  • and so on …
Cover image

This is the image displayed on all search results.
You should choose a cover image which the best represents the property.

After you load all your pictures, you may designate the cover image by clicking on the star :


Please follow these steps to insert your video :

  • Upload your video on Youtube or Vimeo
  • Once done, insert the video link