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Localization : browse by area

What is browsing by area localization ?

Grandioso allows visitors to browse Spain’s areas and subareas.
This sorting is also an important gear of SEO optimization.

Therefore, the accuracy of this information is crucial.

Grandioso is also working with geolocation, which is a different/independant approach for localization.

How is browsing by area organized ?

Grandioso is running with 4 levels of areas.

  • Level 1 : Spain
  • Level 2 : Area
    This may be assimilated to autonomous communities
  • Level 3 : City / Province / Island
  • Level 4 : Subarea
Is this a mandatory field ?


Can I choose another personalized area ?

In standard, no.
If you feel, anyway, that we missed a subdivision, please contact us and we will examine your request with care.

Can I choose more than one area ?

Sorry, no.