Property description

Location & Map

Location details

This part has a crucial role in indexing the property within the search results.

Giving an accurate and precise address will ensure :

  • Your property to be displayed correctly on the map
  • The map inside your property page will reflect the exact position
  • Your property to be displayed correctly in geolocation search (by example : 20 km around a city)
  • Your proporty to be listed correctly on SEO pages and other search results
How to position your property correcly on search results ?
  • Start to fill the “Address” field, and select your position within the given proposals
  • Ajust the 6 fields according to your needs :
    — Address
    — Country
    — State
    — City
    — Area
    — ZIP / Postal code
  • Go to map section, and click the button “Place the pin in address above”
  • Adjust the pin finally

As described in previous section, the map can be adjusted to the property location.

  • Method 1 : Adjust the pin manually
  • Metthid 2 : Insert geographic coordinates